Free Software Discussion

Following the AGM, on the 28th November, the Water Panel will be hosting an informal session focused on free software used in the water industry.   As a profession, we use a range of software packages for tasks ranging from data analysis, modelling, presentations, to general administration of our systems.  Whilst the merits of commercial software are clear, there are several advantages in using free software.  This could be through more efficient pre- or post-processing of results, having access to a greater range of tools, or being able to alter the source code to enhance your models.

This event is a platform for knowledge transfer between our water colleagues, in an informal environment.  There will be room for those interesting in listening about the tools in use, or presenting their own thoughts.  The format of the evening is for several short 2-minute presentations on your favourite free software package.  We are seeking those interested in speaking about the software they use, for example:  Delft3D (uncompiled), Delft Dashboard, Delft-FEWS, ELVIS (online LiDAR platform), EPA-SWMM, eWater Tools (not MUSIC), the BoM Geofabric (online platform), the HEC Suite, Notepad++ vs. Sublime (text editors), Open Earth Tools, Open Foam, Open Office Suite, QGIS, RORB, Thunderbird (email), Visual Studio (light version), WBMN, WhiteBox – or the many other packages being used.