QWP hosting an evening with Deltares delegates

Save the Date: 22 May 2019 5:30pm CBD

Following on from last year’s successful free software evening, QWP are excited to announce that during their Australian tour, Deltares delegates have made time to talk to the Queensland Water Panel in Brisbane about recent projects show-casing some of their software products:

  • Catchment flow and nutrient load modelling framework for New Zealand, using wflow (hydrology), MODFLOW (groundwater) and Delft-FEWS (platform)
  • Global Storm surge and Tide Model (GTSM) and a regional inundation model for Mackay, using Delft3D-FM (hydrodynamics and waves) and Delft-FEWS (platform)
  • Support of the Strategic Basin Planning for Ganges River Basin in India, using wflow (hydrology), Sobek (hydrodynamic), RIBASIM (IWRM) and Delft-FEWS (platform)

The software products that will be highlighted are:

  • wflow: python based distributed hydrological modelling platform, 
    open source, see website;
  • Delft3D FM: full (1D,2D and 3D) hydrodynamics modelling suite with many modules available, open source, but also available in validated release (with a S&M contract), see brochure;
  • Delft FEWS: Flood Early Warning System platform, open and free (with optional S&M contract), see brochure;

The venue is being confirmed, but will be in the Brisbane CBD.  

Please get in touch with the QWP chair@qwp.org.au to express your interest as space will be limited. This is a great opportunity for you to hear about the software being used around the world.

Nadine Slootjes (Deltares) is head of the department for operational water management and early warning.  Their activities are supported by the software products Delft-FEWS and RTC-Tools an open shell for operational water management and a toolbox for real time control of hydraulic structures, resolving conflicting constraints and optimization goals. Nadine is also a member of the operational team for the Dutch Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier, which protects the Port of Rotterdam and around a million people living in the hinterland.

Gerben Boot (Deltares) has been involved with Delft-FEWS since 2005, from code development, support & maintenance, training, to managing both implementation and development projects. Since 2008 he is the Product Manager for Developments.  Besides his strong involvement with Delft-FEWS, Gerben is project lead for other software development projects and over the years has delivered many software releases through projects within international consortia for international clients. Since late 2018, he has been involved in the renewal of the groundwater modelling software suite (iMOD-X) around the MODFLOW 6 kernel.

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