The lessons learned when sewerage assets fail to meet their intended purposes – Civil College / QWP Joint Technical Session

Tuesday 21st May 2019 1730-1900, Engineering House, Brisbane
Event is FREE to attend for EA Members and $30 for Non-Members

Sometimes when operating water and sewerage networks, things don’t go according to plan: assets can fail, errors are made, designs aren’t always right. Learning from these experiences is critical to ensure we can design and build robust assets that meet customer and community expectations and fulfil our purpose of enriching quality of life. Drawing from his experience in operations of sewerage networks, Peter will take us through a variety of these instances when things didn’t go according to plan, and what we can learn from them.

About the speakers:
Peter Smith, Queensland Urban Utilities

Peter has over thirteen years’ experience in the water industry, over half of which has been spent in various network operational roles in the utility sector. Working in Operations, Peter has enjoyed the opportunity to improve processes and asset performance while delivering a better outcomes for the community and the environment. Having helped pull teams through many asset failures, Peter has a wealth of experience in solution development and maintaining continuity of services in emergency incidents. Peter’s current role is Manager Sewer Networks for Queensland Urban Utilities, having responsibility for the management of a vast sewerage network, including over 9,000 km of pipes and 335 sewerage pump stations.

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