All 2020 QWP Committee Meetings are currently scheduled to be held on the first Wednesday of each month from 4.30pm and 6.00pm at Engineers Australia (Queensland) Level 9, 340 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, Queensland, the specific meeting room is subject to change.

2020 Meeting dates:

  • Wednesday 5th February
  • Wednesday 4th March
  • Wednesday 1st April
  • Wednesday 6th May
  • Wednesday 3rd June
  • Wednesday 1st July
  • Wednesday 5th August
  • Wednesday 2nd September
  • Wednesday 7th October
  • Wednesday 4th November
  • Wednesday 25th November (Annual General Meeting)
  • Wednesday 9th December (2021 Strategic Planning)

All 2019 QWP Committee Meetings are currently scheduled to be held between 4.30pm and 5.30pm at Engineering House.

The specific room is subject to change, but will displayed on the screen in the foyer the afternoon of the meeting.  Tentatively all meetings have been booked in the Mathison Room on the Ground Floor.

2019 Meeting dates:

  • Wednesday 30th January
  • Wednesday 13th March
  • Wednesday 8th May changed to Wednesday 1st May
  • Wednesday 10th July
  • Wednesday 4th September changed to Wednesday 21st August
  • Wednesday 16th October changed to Wednesday 2nd October
  • Wednesday 27th November (Annual General Meeting)
  • Wednesday 11th December changed to Thursday 5th December (2020 Strategic Planning)

Other Information:

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